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Since it will ultimately be tied to a search engine, this ILDS listserv 
can be most useful as an archive of Durrelliana, a fund for publishing 
LD-related news, no matter how apparently ephemeral. 

With that in mind, I pass along an article on archeology in modern 
Alex.  Perhaps no news here, but still we must be alert and honest 
enough to realize that /any /mention of LD sustains and directs 
attention to his works, shoring up his posthumous existence.  And given 
the fact that digital distribution of articles like the one below far 
exceeds readership for journals, scholarly monographs, conference 
papers, or biographies, any LD sightings in the digital press are worthy 
of note.

Enjoy--submit what you find--and then talk!


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Alexandria Rediscovered 
Wired News - USA
*...* to the British novelist *Lawrence Durrell*, whose Alexandria 
Quartet, published in the late 1950s, is a bittersweet paean to the 
haunted city. *...*
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