[ilds] RG Justine 1.13 -- Jamais de la vie

slighcl slighcl at wfu.edu
Thu Apr 26 10:52:37 PDT 2007

On 4/26/2007 12:49 PM, Michael Haag wrote:

>That is a good example of over-straining a word to make an 
>unsubstantiated and irrelevant political point.
I will strain the word in another direction, asking what the list makes 
of LD's late correction in the /Justine /typescript:

        /Jamais de la vie/] "/~ dans ~ ~/"

Beyond the insight that LD seems to have slipped in his French, can 
anyone tease out the implications?

Bending over the dirty sink with cancellations in it--


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
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