[ilds] RG Justine 1.15 -- bisexuality?

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Wed Apr 25 17:51:54 PDT 2007

The Last Judgement will come, says Jesus in the gnostic Gospel of the 
Egyptians, 'When the two become one, and the male with the female, 
there being neither male nor female'.


On Thursday, April 26, 2007, at 01:42  am, william godshalk wrote:

> Some while ago we discussed the issue of bisexuality. I suppose the 
> narrator's assertion that he understands Justine's love of Nessim, 
> "loving him so much myself" (Justine 1.15), may suggest a certain 
> bisexuality in the relationship among Nessim, Justine, and the 
> narrator. The narrator calls Justine "this most masculine and 
> resourceful of women" (1.11) He claims, "She talked like a man and I 
> talked to her like a man" (1.13). The ambiguity in that line may be 
> significant. She holds her fur "at her back as a peasant holds his 
> coat" (1.11). And in a later episode (1.16), the narrator remembers 
> watching Nessim and Justine "dancing together several times, he 
> slender and with a deep waist like a woman, and long arched beautiful 
> hands."
> Earlier when we discussed bisexuality in Justine, I was skeptical.
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