[ilds] Durrell's Phraseology

Alejandro Adams hungerist at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 16:08:25 PDT 2007

Marc Piel writes, "I have always read the AQ slowly, and reread phrases over 
and over again (for their beauty- not for what some of the posts call 
'multiple readings'."

I pillage Durrell with his own creed in mind: "[I]n order for one to write 
one must first be convinced that every book ever written was made for one to 
borrow from.  The art is in paying back these loans with interest."

Though a fiery and full-bodied thinker, Emerson nonetheless admitted that he 
returned to Plato and Montaigne not for the quality of their thought but for 
their phrasings.  "I read Proclus, and sometimes Plato, as I might read a 
dictionary, for mechanical help to the fancy and the imagination.  I read 
for the lustres, as if one should use a fine picture in a chromatic 
experiment, for its rich colors."

Updike eulogized Nabokov by noting that rarely had a brilliant scientific 
mind lent itself so fully to the arts.  It seems similarly rare for a mind 
as philosophically acute as Emerson's play the role of giddy aesthete.

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