[ilds] Questions, Digressions and Obfustications

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I qualify my remark.  I was thinking of his real wives, Nancy, Eve and 
Claude.  The relationships could be difficult; they were also extremely 
rewarding; there were problems on both sides, and I do not think it 
works to simply call Durrell a bastard.   Ghislaine was a mistake; he 
got nothing from her and she got nothing from him, and things 
degenerated badly.  The elderly Durrell was not always a pretty sight.  
As for Bowker, his biography is tendentious, more loaded than 


On Wednesday, April 25, 2007, at 01:50  am, Denise Tart & David Green 

> Well, I am not sure Nancy or especially Ghislaine would agree with you
> there. His Brother Gerald certainly thought he was rather hard on them 
> at
> times and he and Larry were close.
> If Bowker's biography is reliable, then we know that could be a 
> drunkard and
> was violent (physically and mentally) toward Ghislaine as well as 
> unfaithful
> to her. Now where I come from that is usually considered being a bit a
> bastard. We can admire the man and the writer and the character, as I 
> do,
> without having to accept all his behaviour.
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>> Actually Durrell was not a bastard to his wives.
>> :Michael
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