[ilds] Rg Justine 1.11 -- "rings" & "things"

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Tue Apr 24 13:34:20 PDT 2007

Michael writes:

> But he believes that these things carry a charge and that even without 
> being understood they can carry a charge for the reader.

I quote again:

> sometimes I wonder whether these pages record the actions of real 
> human beings; or whether this is not simply the story of a few 
> inanimate objects which precipitated a drama around them--I mean a 
> black patch, a watch-key and a couple of dispossessed wedding rings. . 
> . ." (4.4)

And, thinking of the larger project of the ILDS and this listserv RG, I 
must ask do the books of the /Quartet /also "precipitate a drama around 
them"?  Carol, Ian, Bill, Michael, Jamie, Linda, Bruce, Beatrice, Anna, 
Anne, David, Paul, Jim, Lindsay, Pamela, Don, Julio Cortazar (&c. &c.), 
and I each find the /Quartet/.  Then we meet each other and talk to each 
other and email each other when clearly we would not have enjoyed our 
fellowship without LD's objects there as the common denominator.

Precedent: A copy of /Tropic of Cancer/ left in a dirty WC facilitated 
another friendship. . . .

The deep question about "inanimate objects"--how do those objects--those 
rings--speak to LD's interest in the subject-object relationship and 
relativity?  That seems to matter for the author, the characters, and 
the readers.  I feel dividing lines falling away. . . .


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at wfu.edu

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