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On 4/24/2007 3:52 PM, william godshalk wrote:

> But what part of this ceremony will bring good fortune? The simple 
> burying of the rings? I.e. any rings will do on this island. The fact 
> that Melissa is dead? (Seems wrong.) The fact that the purchaser of 
> the rings is dead? (Not likely?) The fact that the narrator ends up 
> with the rings -- as he ended up with the three-volume diary and the 
> folio recounting Nessim's madness (1.5.)?
> Or, Michael, is it as you suggest: the point is that this is 
> indeterminate? And the mystery carries the charge.

I also recall the narrator recalling the rings at the close of 
/Justine/.  He says of his Alexandrian days and friends::

        The slow unreality of time begins to grip them, blurring the
        outlines--so that sometimes I wonder whether these pages record
        the actions of real human beings; or whether this is not simply
        the story of a few inanimate objects which precipitated a drama
        around them--I mean a black patch, a watch-key and a couple of
        dispossessed wedding rings. . . ." (4.4)

What does that mean for your questions about the rings, Bill? 


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