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  I am heartened to hear this.  While I appreciate the finer minutia, much of it is lost on me at the moment: I began re-reading the Quartet before learning of this discussion board.  Thus, I am swept into Balthazar, and cannot make myself turn back.  In fact, I am just on the threshold of a favorite moment in the books, wherein Narouz and Nessim ride out alone into the desert.  
  I appreciate Durrell's deep, heavy-laden examination of modern love and mythology; however, I confess, I only love those moments when he just shuts up and writes.  He is most spellbinding  when, for instance, he shows us Narouz brutally splaying open a rooster with his whip, an action that, somehow, breaks down the barriers to communication, and the brothers become comfortable, conversant as they ride along.  For me, there's more truth packed into such moments than in all the Quartet's moments introspective supposing combined.
  Matt Ward

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