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>Many members of the ILDS email discussion group may also want to discuss on
>Lawrence Durrell more generally as well - a facility which was formerly
>available to them. How can that be restored? Here I must thank Denise Tart &
>David Green for making this point [Issue 71].
All of that facility for general emailing remains, Sumantra.  As was 
explained in the the initial postings, the Reading Group will cover 
different works within designated periods.  (Currently we are covering 
/Justine/.  /Prospero's Cell/ will come next during the summer.)   Those 
Reading Group postings are designated by the "RG" flags in the subject 
heading.  The "RG" flags are there for the convenience of readers who do 
not wish to keep up with a detailed coverage of the chosen reading text. 

The RG posts are published within the broader ILDS listserv, which 
remains free and open to announcements, queries, CFPs, and other sorts 
of LD related information.  Please feel invited to post your emails as 
you find yourself inclined.  

Open your book.  We are all ready to hear more from you.


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at wfu.edu

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