[ilds] the bullshit art of active reading

william godshalk godshawl at email.uc.edu
Sun Apr 22 17:38:06 PDT 2007


My friends and former colleague Michael Atkinson believed in the 
universal text. He told students that, if they could read one text, 
they could read all texts.

I'm too, too hard-headed to believe in Universal Texts. As a devout 
atheist, I can hardly believe in metaphysics.

As for smuggling books, I suggest that rifles are more effective for 
fighting dictators.

My literary beliefs are skeptical.

In politics I believe primarily in MoveOn and other left wing action groups.


so all the smuggling of banned texts in russia, then germany, then russia
again, was not worth the lives of those shot in the head for having them in
their pants, as an expression of increased value, and the ultimate
indestructability of the universal text?
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