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I think it's time to make myself more clear.
"Never trust the writer, trust the tale (the book) but also never trust
the reader trust the tale" And why is that? Because there is more in the
tale then the writer writes with his mind (and pen or typewriter :) )and
there is more in the tale then the reader can read. That is what I mean
with the tale/book/novel exists. And as with us it has identity and it
changes in and with time  
I would say that the AQ is our (the reader's and also the writer's)
To analyze the novel is a mind thing, to read it from the existence of
the novel is a different thing. 

But thinking about a book as a book , it is a book.....
I know Bill that it gets its meaning when it is related with something
else, and the purpose of a book is to be read. I know you will answer
the purpose of the writer who puts his writing in a book and a reader
who will read it.


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>Andy asks: "can books speak without being read?"
A good, basic question. I have also heard the question asked like 
this: "do books read themselves?"

Even people who affirm in their writing that books do not read 
themselves, will talk as if they do. I am here thinking of Kendall 
Walton in Mimesis as Make-Believe: On the Foundations of the 
Representational Arts.

To me it seems counter-intuitive to say that books actively do 
anything. Narratives have a contingent reality. That is, if they are 
not read -- if they are lost in the sands of Egypt -- it is almost as 
if they do not exist. They certainly don't exist for the humans who 
do not know of their existence.

And, Rita, this is NOT to say that I don't have great pleasure 
reading among my books. I do.

I'm somewhat amazed that no one has brought up audio cassettes. But 
even there, to listen to them you have to activate your CD player.

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