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andy nampilot at cox.net
Sat Apr 21 21:35:07 PDT 2007

> To me it seems counter-intuitive to say that books actively do 
> anything. Narratives have a contingent reality. That is, if they are 
> not read -- if they are lost in the sands of Egypt -- it is almost as 
> if they do not exist. They certainly don't exist for the humans who 
> do not know of their existence.
i would offer, for severe criticism, the concept of one universal text.

all books are simply variations thereof.

just check any barn and ignoble shelf.

you've been there, done that. 

read it all.

nothing new, after awhile.


one universal text.

quite limited actually.

vary from its central theme, and you are relegated to the dust bins.

before publication.

what will we be writing in ten thousand years?

so the book buried in the sand sings just as loud as clark clifford's hoax.

books do not have to be read to exist.

they were written.

that is the song.

best to all

nonfeeling bser

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