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Re: [ilds] Andy's introductioni find few things truly beautiful.
but the thought below blindsided me with its stunning beauty.
yes, yes, that's exactly what durrell secretly desired, 
to shock us all into the artist within, plumb it, and begin the writing trek.

as devil's advocate, i sullied his name with charges of base motives.

that is one take, largely from the viewpoint of a provocatuer.

but the deeper, secret, hidden flame, hiding in the hearth, as he and little justine listened to the shutters rattled by the wind, was that out from the far flung reaches of corfu, his ink lines would flow into the minds of all human beings, and incite the riot of desire taking place there, with the stunning outcome of awakening all the sleeping writers.

i can go all day long without coming across a thought beautiful enough to take my breath away, but for you to go to the deepest depths of human nature, and realize the creative act is the highest expression of god, and man's greatest subdued longing, gives a new gloss of meaing to the quartet, and the motives of the man who wrote it.

why else the abundancy of pearly lime green essences at the beginning of justine?

because he was a travel writer?

no, because he wanted to inflame the minds of everyman.

you are a writer.

wouldn't your greatest thrill be having thousands take up the pen because of your work?

so, yes, for all the tearful doldrums of staff meetings, when the starry eyed young graduate comes back and says, hey, doc, thanks for inspiring me to become a writer.  that's as fine as a fifty seven chevy convertible, corvette.

now go out and incite the masses.


best to all, 
bs'er andy

/  Yes, he sets a frame, yes it's his world we're invited into, but the expectation seems to be that we'll rewrite it and follow Darley's struggle to begin writing...  If not artists, the Quartet invites us to become creators, demiurges...


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    and ladies, may i presume?

    may this gentle day greet you with warmth

    a few rambling thoughts of a saturday morning.

    my purpose in being here is to learn.

    i heartlily encourage all list members to question my comments, criticize without fear, but most importantly, correct me where you feel my thinking is in error.

    i would like to offer a few thoughts for your consideration.

    firstly, in reference to durrell's question, why do we continue to hurt each other?

    ordinary people achieve their destinies through life.

    artists through imagination.

    by reworking their realities.

    so why do we continue to hurt each other?

    we are artists.

    you cannot know something unless you break it.

    and that which we break, we always love the most.

    moving on, a question was asked, what were these four...really....to durrell?

    each of you writes.

    what were your characters to you?


    made into demigods.

    now in reference to the subject of judaisim, i would offer it as a device durrell used to centerpiece the kabbalah, his key to the clockwork of time, which incidentally, is the core reason i joined this group--to unravel ld's quantum theory of literature, so i assume we will get to that in due time--but a more sublte reaons ld centerpieced judiasim was to work off a plethora of unreconciled conflicts inherited as the legacy of two jewish wives to one gentle gentile.

    lastly, i feel dickens was the greatest child abuser in literary history.

    i use a child in my novel.

    guaranteed to draw tears.

    especially if an oprhan.

    or worse.

    the cuckoo bastard.

    so being an unemotional meatcutter

    i cleave durrel's use of the child

    from all emotion

    and reduce it to a very effective literary device

    viz, a lone man on a lone island with a lone child, unnamed, all three cold, him feeding the fire, of his heart and mind and reader, with an opening that cannot fail to touch the coldest heart.

    i charge him with wanton over sentimentality.

    comment vous?

    best to all


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