[ilds] RG Justine 1.7 -- why should we hurt one another?

Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Sat Apr 21 12:02:14 PDT 2007

What sickness has brought on the "pretention" of 
being artistes or not????
An artist feels things he/she cannot necessarily 
explain. And it seems evident that you try to 
explain things that you don't feel.

Jim Nichols wrote:
> Just a note.    
>       This is Brother Ass speaking, right?  And he condescends 
> unthinkingly to the 'ordinary people' whom he desperately doesn't want 
> to be like.  Darley is hardly a well of philosophical truth here.  He's 
> a young, inexperienced boy who even now needs to grow up and is only 
> partially there at the book's end.   That is why he runs to 'silence' at 
> book's end.  He's scared.  He needs the courage of Clea very much.  He's 
> still very unsure of himself and very afraid of what he's experienced.  
> Surely no fully mature artist would condescend to his subject with such 
> self-gratifying, maudlin paternalism.   Ordinary people may be ordinary, 
> but their life experience is still profound, and the artist who fails to 
> realize that loses the very center of his art.
>     But OH, those 'ordinary, non-artists whom he has met; they do have a 
> life about them, don't they?
>             J N
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>     It is just not clear to me either, Bill.  I can believe in Michael's
>     gloss.  It works with its terms.  But I hesitate to say that is
>     all.  The question of suspending one's disbelief for some sentences
>     and not others seems "out of kilter" from the retrospective
>     skepticism we are asked to cast upon the narrator of Justine once we
>     reach Balthazar.  Could someone who understood so little about his
>     life and lovers and friends really be expected to hold authority? 
>     Again, as I said, it is terrifically hard to "hear" what we are
>     supposed hear in Darley when Balthazar or Pursewarden are not
>     nearby.  I end up taking their roles as a reader.
>     "Waits" I take to mean "awaits discovery by the artist."
>     I also still am puzzling over the question "why should we hurt one
>     another?"  I don't hear the artist as excluded from that.  The
>     preceding lines are so cumbered with heady notions of the artist.  I
>     hear instead that the struggle to face down destiny carries costs
>     that "ordinary people" may not be ready to pay, though if they fall
>     into the gravitational field of the poet as his family, his friend,
>     or his lovers, they may be hurt.  The cost.  If we must appeal
>     to"real  life," readings through LD's biography would support that,
>     I think.  And the child.  And the child.
>     CLS
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