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andy nampilot at cox.net
Sat Apr 21 12:12:18 PDT 2007

>>My impression, reading Durrell, is that he is controlling his effects
>>to a very high degree, and also controlling his reader.

dear michaeal:
you are a writer.
how much can you control your readers?

. That is very
>>important to him, that he draws the reader in and manipulates him;

i agree.
but he does this largley due to his need for power, a base motive.

>>suckering the reader, it validates Durrell's attempt to alter reality.
i would offer that it validates his attempt to garner ego food, the sadistic 
joy of outsmarting those less intellectually gifted than he.  again, a base 

>>Durrell is a magician who wants his audience to believe in his
>>illusions so that he can believe in his illusions.

i find this a very insightful statement.  he has no way of knowing if his 
magic is magic, unless another sucker is born every minute.

  I do not believe
>>for a moment that the reader is being thrown back on his own resources.

in every instance, when the eye hits the page, the reader must be thrown 
back on his own mental resources to recreate the iamges the words on the 
page stimulate mentally, would you not agree?

>>or is being encouraged to see anything that Durrell does not want him
>>to see.
as he walked down Tudo street looking through the display windows of the 
little shops, he came to a buther's.
through the opaue reflections on the glass from the passing figures in the 
street, he could see a cow hanging by its feet. it was skinned, and the 
insides seemed to be hollowed out very red.

you say many things in the above passage.  but my control, as their author, 
over what images popped into mind, was inherenly limited.
you have never been to Tudo street.
maybe Bruce has, but i offer this as an example on the limits of control an 
author exercises over the reader, so i would suggest a middle ground, a 
compromise of sorts, in which we, the ordinary people, struggle to eke out 
our destinies in the real world, while you, michael, have the privilege of 
reconciling your destiny here on this page, not at your own hand, but by 
virtue of what images your unconscious mind chooses to feed to you in 
repsone to a hollowed out red wheel barrow in the rain.

best to all,
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