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It makes me think of kant's subjectivity and true a revolution but also
very limited BUT "cezanne's apples excist". What I mean there is more
then subjectivity and true you can read a book in many ways and everyone
puts the accent on something else , but the book is there and says
something what is not only subjective and without being something stable
but in time.It does something , like a spirit of place, I guess even to
the author.Difficult...

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Haag says it well, and I think he is right.  Credit goes to the author.
I do not think "active reading" elevates the reader/critic to the status
of the author.  The author has written the book, and the reader should
try to understand what the author is doing.  As to "multiple readings,"
multiple does not mean valid.  And I do not find reading a "passive"
activity.  It's hard.  Which may be one of the reasons films are
preferred nowadays.


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>My impression, reading Durrell, is that he is controlling his effects 
>to a very high degree, and also controlling his reader.  That is very 
>important to him, that he draws the reader in and manipulates him; by 
>suckering the reader, it validates Durrell's attempt to alter reality.

>Durrell is a magician who wants his audience to believe in his 
>illusions so that he can believe in his illusions.  I do not believe 
>for a moment that the reader is being thrown back on his own resources 
>or is being encouraged to see anything that Durrell does not want him 
>to see.
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