[ilds] RG Justine 1.7 -- why should we hurt one another?

slighcl slighcl at wfu.edu
Fri Apr 20 09:56:18 PDT 2007

        For us artists there awaits the joyous compromise though art
        with all that wounded or defeated us in daily life; in this way,
        not to evade destiny, as the ordinary people try to do, but to
        fulfil it in its true potential--the imagination.  Otherwise why
        should we hurt one another?  (1.7)

a) What is the question? 

b) What do readers of Justine--yes, the "ordinary people"--feel about 
the grandiose claim, the egoism here displayed by Brother Ass? 

I feel like hurrying ahead to ask Pursewarden about the narrator.  Thank 
the gods for an author who invites his reader to use a knife on him.


Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
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