[ilds] RG Justine 1.1-9-- active reading -- Durrell weighs in

william godshalk godshawl at email.uc.edu
Thu Apr 19 17:15:34 PDT 2007

As I pointed out before, my father was a reader of Durrell.

But before taking Justine home from the bookstore, he skimmed it to 
make sure he wanted to read it. Upon getting it home from the 
bookstore, he read the last part -- so he knew where he was going. He 
then began at the beginning -- finally -- and started reading. During 
this reading, he would turn back and forth in the novel to check 
details -- often with two or three fingers marking his places.

This was a real reader reading. I don't think Dad had much truck with 
proscriptions or prescriptions. He was a subversive reader, -- a 
literary outlaw, if you will -- and he certainly was not controlled 
by metaphysical frames. He paid for the book and he'd read it in any 
way he wished.

Durrell may not have written with Dad in mind, but Dad read Justine 
and admired it.

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