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Durrell cannot be trusted in his interviews, nor in his talks; it is 
usually nonsense.  Much better to keep to the writing.


On Friday, April 20, 2007, at 12:44  am, william godshalk wrote:

> Jamie writes: "Durrell may limit what his active readers do not have 
> access to, but he
> certainly prompts us to add to and continue the text in the frame he's
> established."
> This is what Durrell told Earl Ingersoll in Conversations:
> . . .  just the opposite of Proust or Joyce, I'm not going to tie 
> anything up.  I leave it all open.  Right there, completely open for 
> the reader, the viewer if you will. . . .  It's also the case, if you 
> will, with Calder's mobiles.  I mean by that, the way I put together 
> the elements of my fiction is a little like the way Calder puts 
> together his mobiles, and it is up to the reader and the viewer to put 
> it all together. . . . (41)
> The joiner is the reader, the continuum is his private property. (71)
> To my ear, this sounds as if Durrell writes for the active reader,
> WLG with a much help from his 
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