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I do not recall off hand if Durrell describes Capodistria as a Greek or 
what.  But the association is certainly Greek.  John Capodistria was 
from Corfu and was the first president of independent Greece.  
Assassinated by Konstantis Mavromichalis, he was.  But the 
Mavromichalis and the Capodistrias later kissed and made up -- on Greek 
television a few years ago.


On Thursday, April 19, 2007, at 06:18  pm, william godshalk wrote:

> Ken Seigneurie writes:
>    "I see no reason not to hear echoes of Durrell's liberal-humanist 
> (i.e. not Marxist) criticism of capitalism in this term, i.e. " 
> Capitally, what is this city of ours? " = "What is this city of ours 
> in terms of capital?" His use of the anti-Semitic topoi around 
> Jewishness fits here as well. These echoes will increase and find 
> their full thematization in Clea, revealing, in my view, a growing 
> (albeit not full avowed) frustration on Durrell's part with the course 
> taken by postwar Britain and the rest of the West."
> An interesting suggestion.  But I' m not sure what you mean by 
> Durrell's "use of the anti-Semitic topoi around Jewishness ." Of the 
> seven references to Jews in Justine only one is openly antisemitic -- 
> Scobie's letters "full of fantastic animadversion against Jews ." 
> Justine is wealthy, but only because she's married to a Copt. The 
> narrator and Balthazar are friends, and only Cohen seems to be a 
> capitalist. The wealthiest character (I'm guessing) is Capodistria, 
> and from the name I assume that he is Italian or Sloveian. And the 
> narrator and the little girl bury Cohen's rings bought for Melissa 
> under their hearth-stone. I assume that an antisemite would throw 
> those rings into the sea.
> But perhaps I do not understand your point. Would you clarify please?
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