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  [ilds] RG Justine 1.1 and 1.2  

  "Capitally, what is this city of ours? " This phrase has been reproduced in the discussions.

  The use of the word "Capitally" - any comments, please?


      I see no reason not to hear echoes of Durrell's liberal-humanist (i.e. not Marxist) criticism of capitalism in this term, i.e. "Capitally, what is this city of ours? " = "What is this city of ours in terms of capital?" His use of the anti-Semitic topoi around Jewishness fits here as well. These echoes will increase and find their full thematization in Clea, revealing, in my view, a growing (albeit not full avowed) frustration on Durrell's part with the course taken by postwar Britain and the rest of the West.
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