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Capitally.  I'll go for a literal meaning of "in essence."  And maybe Durrell "intends" a pun on the "capitulations," as you talk about them in your book.  But that too seems rather odd.  Perhaps the word appears in spoken British English, but it's strange to my American ear.  Durrell's poetic diction is difficult.  Why?  Durrell was very fond of the Elizabethans, and that was a period of great experimentation in English and bending the usage of words.  Shakespeare in particular.  Perhaps he picked up the habit from them.


>Without ever having thought if through at all, and now wondering if it 
>makes any sense, I have taken Durrell's use of capitally to mean 'in 
>essence', I suppose via 'point-by-point summary', as from the Latin 
>'capita', heads.  That also allows for a play on the capitulations, 
>those agreements initiated by Suleyman the Magnificent with various 
>European powers governing the affairs of European communities in 
>Ottoman lands and still applying to Egypt until the Treaty of Montreux 
>in 1937 terminated their existence twelve years hence.

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