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Tue Apr 17 18:51:39 PDT 2007

A fine connection there, Bill.  I especially like how LD yokes TSE's 
allusion to Antony's abandonment to Cavafy's.

        Defunctive music under sea        
          Passed seaward with the passing bell
        Slowly: the God Hercules
          Had left him, that had loved him well.

Why "blue veined"?  Aside from the consumptive associations, we might 
note here in /Justine /and throughout the other fiction and poetry LD 
does lean heavily upon circulatory imagery--cf. the trams running along 
in their "metal veins" (1.4) & arteries elsewhere.   That leads us on to 
mortality, suicide--always just round the corner in LD's works.

"Aniline":  the OED is tardy on that one, not recording anyone using it 
in the adjectival sense that LD does.  If anyone submits  new usages to 
the OED, please send that one in.  It would up OED citations of /Justine 
/to 51.  Surely we could raise that to a cool 150 by the end of this 
reading list.


Charles L. Sligh
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