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Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Tue Apr 17 13:25:16 PDT 2007

I have alaways read the AQ slowly, and reread 
phrases over and over again (for their beauty- not 
for what some of the posts call "multiple 
readings". Have you ever talked to a friend you 
havn't seen for 35 years and been surprised how 
the voice hasn't changes (because faces do!) - in 
a few minutes you span those 30 years. When I 
reread the AQ it is the same!!!!!!! What pleasure.
Marc Piel,
Paris, France.

M. Erick Ward wrote:

> On "multiple readings:"
> I started Balthazar for the second time last night.  I read the 
> Quartet quickly the first time.  Now, a few years later, and without the 
> support of a wonderful professor, I am reading slowly; and, surprise, 
> comprehending more.
> On "moony:"
> In the opening pages of Balthazar, I was remined of one of the most 
> breathtaking literary effects I've ever experienced: somewhere in the 
> Quintet, we encounter Balthazar, and the instant LD began describing 
> him, I recognized him.  Like you might recognize an old friend by 
> hearing his voice around a corner.  Of all the Durrell moments that 
> stand out in my memory as being startlingly real, this one was perhaps 
> the spookiest.
> Matt Ward
> Baltimore
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