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Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Tue Apr 17 13:15:26 PDT 2007

I have read it 5 times, and every time I have gone 
back to pleasure!!!
What else can be so rich?????
Marc Piel,
Paris, France.

Bruce Redwine wrote:

>     I find the full span of  the Quartet to be leading precisely towards
>     "multiple readings," not towards final revelation.  What else is its
>     central drama?  Why else would we go back to it?
>     CLS
>     * * * * *
>     The love of ambiguity is a prominent feature of 20th century
>     literature, particularly British.  Conrad, James, and Ford
>     immediately leap to mind.  And I like it too, very much.  In "The
>     Turn of the Screw" are there ghosts or is the governess mad?  (I opt
>     for the latter.)  That is one thing.  And it leads to the closed
>     ending (Austen's Emma) vs. the opening ending (Lawrence's Sons and
>     Lovers).  But to use the term "multiple readings," to me anyway, has
>     the potential to open a door of indiscriminate license.  The term
>     should be used with discretion.  Anything does not go in a text. 
>     There are constraints on the possibilities.  At the end of Clea,
>     Justine has Memlik in tow, and that opens up some comic
>     possibilities, but I see those as being rather limited.  Clea's
>     "kingdom of the imagination" doesn't enable me to imagine those two
>     as having much of a future together.  So how do we know what those
>     limits are?  Which is another way to ask, what did Durrell, or any
>     author, intend?  Well, it's not easy to get inside anyone's head, so
>     we make reasonable inferences based on the work itself and on
>     biographical data.  My objection is probably just a matter of
>     taste.  But I find it more interesting to explore why Durrell was so
>     fascinated with multiplicity than to multiply interpretations in his
>     work.
>     Bruce
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