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Good!  good ! it's exactly that!  Durrell is a magician and he has powers but we have to  submit...G.Rudigoz  FRANCE
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  My impression, reading Durrell, is that he is controlling his effects to a very high degree, and also controlling his reader. That is very important to him, that he draws the reader in and manipulates him; by suckering the reader, it validates Durrell's attempt to alter reality. Durrell is a magician who wants his audience to believe in his illusions so that he can believe in his illusions. I do not believe for a moment that the reader is being thrown back on his own resources or is being encouraged to see anything that Durrell does not want him to see. 


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    More evidence that readers are active, and texts are passive?

    Yes, but some writers like LD seem more attuned to the reading act, crafting complex texts that are at once aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating--textual environments primed for readerly activity. 

    This sounds pretty edu to this reader!  Is a "textual environment primed for readerly activity" much like a book? Or a computer screen? Or a cereal box? Or a letter? Or the TLS? Or anything that may be read?

    And what is the submerged metaphor here? A pump?

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