[ilds] RG Justine 1.4 -- dreams? metaphor?

william godshalk godshawl at email.uc.edu
Mon Apr 16 10:50:06 PDT 2007

>Charles, I think I've finally realized what you means by "dream," which has
>eluded me until now.  You say
> > Faced with gaps, at a loss for a "factitious frame,"
> > we respond with imaginative suture, the ligature
> > homespun out of our own poor provisions.

Is Charlie saying that readers tend to fill in the blanks as they see 
fit? Readers of Shakespeare's sonnets do this, making a unified 
narrative out of discrete poems. As I recall, Seymour Chatman 
discusses this phenomenon in Story and Discourse (Cornell UP 1976).

More evidence that readers are active, and texts are passive?

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