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James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 13:33:29 PDT 2007

Hey Beatrice,

How lovely to hear your tones typed out here!

Alas, I suppose I must now curse my dictionary and my terrible Greek!  The
Oxford gives me "wasteland" in accord with Rae Dalven, though Keeley concurs
with your discussion of mental condition.  Anna's made a similar point to

Am I incorrect in my edition?  I have ??????? for Cavafy, but I haven't the
grammatical skill to know if that might be an error in my book.  I've seen
???????? in a dual language translation of Cavafy into Swedish, but not
????????.  I may be committing an even greater sin of combining poor
language skills with an old oxford dictionary and a bad edition!

And yes, I have been reading your dissertation, and you're right that I'm
trying to lure you into our 'talk'...


On 4/10/07 1:04 PM, "Beatrice Skordili" <bskordil at otenet.gr> wrote:

> Hi all!
> I am very gratified by all these busy posts on _Justine_. I will be forgiven
> I hope if I don't participate since the ground you cover is very much within
> the purview of my still recent dissertation. I cannot bring myself to go
> over my points for the list, though Jamie keeps alluding to some of the
> things I wrote in "The Author and the Demiurge," with a view in part perhaps
> to entice me into the discussion. I am reading with great interest, however.
>     I am writing here to address a minor point in Jamie's post about the
> Kavafy translation. I think you are right Jamie that "dreary purlieus" is a
> mistranslation of "marasmos"; however--I've looked it up in the two
> definitive
> Greek dictionaries to make sure--"marasmos" means "wasting," "withering,"
> "decline," or "deterioration" without any connotation of place. The line
> from Kavafy you are referring to states literally "my mind, how long will it
> remain (in this) withering (condition)," but could be construed (with a bit
> of imagination) to have a metaphorical sense of place or space as in "my
> mind, how long will it stay in(side) this withering (situation)," which is
> of course how Durrell gets his "purlieus." For comparison purposes, "Waste
> Land" as per Seferis' translation in Greek is "Erimi Hora."
>     Great thinking Jamie, but Greek does not seem to bear it out!
> Anyway, here are my 2 Greek cents!
> I'll keep on reading!
> Beatrice
> P.S. As for the alliteration "lamp" "limp" (sorry if I'm referring to a
> different thread), I have established, I think, a link in my dissertation to
> the use Durrell made of hieroglyphics (but this would really be a long
> explanation)!

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