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Subject: [ILDS] ILDS:  Discussion Group--AQ.  Redwine.

All, I think Jack Raper's intuitions are right.   The "warden" in
"Pursewarden" may indeed refer to LP's guardianship of his sister.   "Purse"
has already been explained, so "keeper of the purse" fits in nicely with
Ludwig's and Liza's incestuous relationship.   By the way, can someone
please refresh my dwindling memory, did Ludwig and his sister actually have
incestuous relations, a la Lord Byron and his half-sister Augusta?   Does
Mountolive make that explicit?

  Or was theirs a kind of "mental incest," as James Gifford rightly corrects
me re the Granta excerpts of Sappho Jane's diary?   Thanks.   Another by the
way, anyone care to open up the can of worms of Byronic homoeroticism in the
Quartet?   Or have we already done that?

Bruce Redwine

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