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Durrell (or the narrator) postpones the mention of Justine's name when in
passage 1.10 he writes:

_She passes below my window,..._

One does not know immediately whether he he is speaking of Melissa or of
Justine - one only assumes from the preceding text, that he is speaking of
one of them. Only later (in 1.11) is it indicated that he was writing about

Again, in 1.14, he writes about _lying beside a sleeping woman in a cheap
room..._ and later discloses that the woman is Melissa. Why the initial
withdrawal of the identity of the woman?

Also, what is Durrell saying (or implying), when the narrator says (in the
last line of 1.12) that he
_...found Melissa .... with her sex broken...._

Earlier Durrell had spoken generally of Alexandrians as people who have been
_deeply wounded in their sex_

Why this mystery, these ambiguous, dramatic, references to what would be
construed as scars in the sex lives of the characters about whom,
nevertheless, Durrell is able to write with an uncommon tenderness?

Sumantra Nag

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