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While beginning to read the next sections [_Justine_ 1.8 - 1.14] I couldn't
help noting once again, the text which has drawn many comments in the
_Gold, phosphorus, magnesium paper. Here we so often met. There was a little
coloured stall in summer with slices of water-melon and the vivid water-ices
she liked to eat_. 
As an Indian, my immediate reaction to this phrase, is to think of the paper
(coloured or white) which is often used for informal service of small
portions of food, including cut fruit etc., at stalls, particularly those
located in a public place, such as a pavement. Bright coloured paper may
also be the receptacle on which items are kept when makeshift stalls are
created. In Durrell's use of _Gold, phosphorus, magnesium paper_, shiny gold
paper suggests itself, and phosphorus and magnesium suggest certain light
pastel shades, all these relating to the colurs of paper used in a stall of
the kind described by Durrell. Please also note that the stall is described
as a _coloured stall_.
There may of course be deeper meanings, or multiple meanings. But as argued
in the preceding discussions, each reader finds his or her own meaning or
association in a text.

Sumantra Nag

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