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Oops.   Re Durrell's quotation from the Song of Songs, Canticum Canticorum.
I missed his variant on the Latin.   Darley thinks, "hortus conclusus, soror
mea sponsor" (sec. 19, p. 39).   The Vulgate reads, "Hortus conclusus, soror
mea, sponsa, / hortus conclusus, fons signatus" (CC, 4:12).

Sponsor = surety.
Sponsa = betrothed, fiancee.

Did Durrell intend the variant?   Quite possibly, in which case the irony is
attenuated.   Melissa is in some ways Darley's guarantor, the one who
supports him.   As to Melissa being his sister ("soror"), well, in ancient
Egyptian love poetry (and who knows if LD knew any?), the term sister was
equivalent to being a lover, and as far as the idea of incest goes, we only
have to think ahead to Ludwig and Liza.

Bruce Redwine

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