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    .  French.

I agree with Alastair French.   Although Durrell probably intended "plane"
trees, they may not make much arboreal sense on a "bare promontory" on
(although the island does have a "Tree of Idleness," whatever that is).
Durrell goes for poetic effects, and he's certainly creating his own world,
entitles him to put "great planes" wherever he wants.

Bruce Redwine

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> Sorry to be still talking about the FIRST part(s), but these plane
> trees seem to be causing a problem! I think we have to be careful and
> not take everything LD said and wrote as literal, sometimes I have
> the feeling he wrote things just because it sounded 'right' or looked
> 'good'. If the island (both bare and with trees!) is Cyprus, the
> description of plane trees doesn't seem quite right to me. I don't
> know the island that well, and certainly not the northern 'turkish'
> side where LD lived, but plane trees didn't stick in my memory as
> being part of the landscape. Provence and that area, on the other
> hand, has plenty of plane trees, especially, as already mentioned, in
> the cities. Alexandria I don't know at all, so I can't say whether LD
> is making a switch into the past here -- almost saying that his
> memories are being shaken by the wind.
> Perhaps much of these problems are just LD's poetic license, feeling
> free to create his own island and let the reader be taken into his
> world of fiction -- for it is fiction, which is sometimes easy to
> forget!
> Alastair French
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