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Sorry to be still talking about the FIRST part(s), but these plane
trees seem to be causing a problem! I think we have to be careful and
not take everything LD said and wrote as literal, sometimes I have
the feeling he wrote things just because it sounded 'right' or looked
'good'. If the island (both bare and with trees!) is Cyprus, the
description of plane trees doesn't seem quite right to me. I don't
know the island that well, and certainly not the northern 'turkish'
side where LD lived, but plane trees didn't stick in my memory as
being part of the landscape. Provence and that area, on the other
hand, has plenty of plane trees, especially, as already mentioned, in
the cities. Alexandria I don't know at all, so I can't say whether LD
is making a switch into the past here -- almost saying that his
memories are being shaken by the wind.
Perhaps much of these problems are just LD's poetic license, feeling
free to create his own island and let the reader be taken into his
world of fiction -- for it is fiction, which is sometimes easy to
Alastair French

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