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Thanks to my Russian colleague in pursuits of things Durrellian.   Glad to
see that I'm not the only one disposed to see "plane" as "plain" in
"ransacking the great planes."   "The breath-taking panorama of the wind
playing with the landscape cut in a cubist manner" expresses my initial
reaction perfectly.

Isabelle Keller has convinced me, however, that the intended meaning is
"plane tree."   I guess one can always argue that Durrell may have been
going for the pun, and I still have problems visualzing a barren landscape
of "bare promontory" with trees on it.    But one has to learn to follow
Durrell's narrative eye which has a great range and is not limited to a
finite spot.

Bruce Redwine

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> Subject: on planes
> About "unpacking the great planes, ransacking the great planes".
> Translating the Quartet into Russian, I made "tasuyet kolossal'nyie
> ploskosti, obsharivayet kolossal'nyie ploskosti" out of this, with
> additional senses of shuffling and searching, the planes being great
> flatnesses, sections of space dealt with by the wind. The image seemed too
> suggestive to be just dropped from the text - even if the "plane-trees"
> were the first and the more obvious meaning. Then, the rhythmic pattern of
> the phrase was also important (Russian is a little more lengthy in it's
> rhythms than English, but the correspondences could always be found) - and
> the breath-taking panorama of the wind playing with the landscape cut in a
> cubist manner seemed more at home here.
> Nevertheless, revising the translation for another editor, I've left the
> "levels" out and revived the plane-trees.

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