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Subject: on planes

About "unpacking the great planes, ransacking the great planes".
Translating the Quartet into Russian, I made "tasuyet kolossal'nyie
ploskosti, obsharivayet kolossal'nyie ploskosti" out of this, with
additional senses of shuffling and searching, the planes being great
flatnesses, sections of space dealt with by the wind. The image seemed too
suggestive to be just dropped from the text - even if the "plane-trees"
were the first and the more obvious meaning. Then, the rhythmic pattern of
the phrase was also important (Russian is a little more lengthy in it's
rhythms than English, but the correspondences could always be found) - and
the breath-taking panorama of the wind playing with the landscape cut in a
cubist manner seemed more at home here.

Nevertheless, revising the translation for another editor, I've left the
"levels" out and revived the plane-trees.

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