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Just a few points which have come to mind (>re: isabelle keller):
>As for the "planes"...
in the German translation of JUSTINE, "planes" is translated as
'plane trees', which I imagine is the intended meaning -- although I
wouldn't put a spelling error past LD, as I believe when JUSTINE
first came into print it had more than its fair share of typos!

>a highly evocative painting
the idea of painting has come up again and again, especially when we
were discussing the first few §.
I would like to point out that the last § of CLEA brings in the idea
of painting a picture yet again "brushstroke by slow brushstroke"
Is there any analogy between LD's writing and painting methods? Did
he see writing as a way of painting a picture, but with words?
Certainly, he has mentioned paints with regards to his poetry:
"Poems, like water-colours, should be left to dry properly before you
alter them -- six months or six hours according to the paints you
use." (Reflections on a Marine Venus)

Finally, I think it is quite clear when one reads the sections 8 and
onwards that the story telling is beginning: it is almost as if the
(poetic) fragments describing where Darley is and where he has been
are coming together (as memory does) to allow the narrator to begin
telling the story -- or parts of it, at least, for we are still, as a
reader, just being given splinters of information, albeit bigger ones
as we continue reading. In this way, LD is building a certain
suspense -- which, I must add, not all readers enjoy. Nevertheless,
the city and the characters are slowly being sketched in (it is
almost impossible to avoid using painting analogies!). Only later is
colour added.

Alastair J French

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