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> Staying with that first section, why does D. mention Arcturus?
> ("snatched every night from the darkness by Arcturus ") I only know
> that this is the brightest star (a red giant) in Boötes, and the name
> comes from "arktos" (bear) and "ouros" (guard). But can anyone make
> any sense in any of this?
Stars are important for LD.   He seems to gauge his life by them.   But I
tend to be literal minded here.   One, assuming an island location somewhere
in the eastern Mediterranean, Arcturus, the fourth brightest star in the
sky, would indeed be prominent at night during spring of the late 1930s.
And two, the name has a good Greco-Latinate ring.   Sound is also important.
On the other hand, mythic allusions may be another consideration.   Some
Gnostic connection?   Durrell was something of a star gazer and seems to toy
with astrology (how seriously I don't know).   Cf. his poetry:   the
dedicatory (?) poem at the beginning of Caesar's Vast Ghost and "The
Pleiades" at the end of Paul Hogarth's The Mediterranean Shore.   I believe
he dedicated Sicilian Carousel to the Menuhins and called them "fixed

Bruce Redwine

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