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_Justine_ 1.8 - 1.14

Dear Durrellians:

Weve made a good start with the first seven sections of _Justine_.

As we press on through the next seven sections, please recall ourlate
discussions of reading techniques, linear, global, ordialogic.  Just because
we move ahead does not mean we must need leave anything behind.  Feel free
to retrospect, especially those of you who may finish vacations and join the
group at later intervals. We welcome and encourage all returns;  such
recollections seem suited to a work which sets out to explore the past,
moving link by link along the iron chains of memory (1.1).

For this portion of our group reading well ponder _Justine_, Part 1,
Sections 8 - 14, running from the narrators memorializing of Melissa,
dressed in a shabby sealskin coat, through his remembrance of the sweet
voice of the blind _muezzin_.

The complex printing history means that pagination can pose problems in a
large-scale group discussion.   Numbering by part and section may be a more
useful format for citation--e.g., the clumsy air of a trained seal grappling
with human emotions (1.12).

We encourage all postings to be generous in citing passage references in
this fashion.



Charles L. Sligh

Department of English

University of Virginia

cls9k at virginia.edu


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