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For further evidence supporting the paragraph below,
showing that the time it took Durrell to write Justine
and Balthazar (parts I and II of what the quartet
originally referred to by LD as merely "Justine"
wasn't rushed but instead the result of clear thinking
and a matured ability to write, you may want to look
over the appropriate sections of "A Private
Correspondence."  This fine selection of letters
between LD and Henry Miller (ed. by George Wickes)
provides marvelous insight into what was going on in
LD's life when we wrote, as well as some glimpses of
his thoughts on the books.

On 9 August 1956, LD writes "I have just finished a
book about Alexandria called Justine...  It's a sort
of prose poem to one of the great capitals of the
heart, the Capital of Memory, and it carries a series
of sharp cartoons of the women of Alexandria,
certainly the loveliest and most world-weary women in
the world."  (Dutton, pp. 303-304)

I've enjoyed reading this along w/the Alex. Quartet.
For further amusement, I suggest reading "The Black
Book" along with Gerald Durrelll's "My Life & Other
Animals," describing life on Corfu when LD is writing

- Emily M. Siskin, Avid Reader of Durrell, 1st time
responder to e-forum

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