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From: Ken Seigneurie
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I've always read the wealth of inorganic elements and compounds (lime,
magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, etc.) in Justine, especially, as part of the
natural and human forces arrayed against the flesh along with dessicated
air, battleships leering malevolently in the harbor and neo-Platonic ideas.
Against this we see much frailer imagery of flowers ("mass of blooms," a
flower print dress), the freshness (and ephemerality) of the colored ices
and maybe a tin of olives. In such an unequal match, it is little wonder
that the flower of organic life -- sexuality -- would be stunted, ingrown,
or otherwise, as the text says, "wounded."

Ken Seigneurie
Asst. Prof. English and Comp. Lit.
Lebanese American Univ. - Beirut
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