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        With regards to the burying of the rings under the hearth
stone, I have found a passage in Stratis Myrivilis's THE MERMAID
MADONNA which could be relavant: "Over there near the fireplace is a
yellow stone that is different from the other floor stones. If you
lift it with a boat hook, you'll find underneath it a brass coffee
tin. Take the cover off and there's  the money." Perhaps this was a
primitive safe for money. rings. etc. That  it  should bring luck to
bury the 'wedding' rings, seems a little unusual, but perhaps it was
a sure way to avoid losing them!
Are there any clues as to which island Darley has escaped to?
        Another point which comes to mind is what Nessim means when
he says "'they should help you to support the idea of Justine without
flinching, as I have had to do'" ? [part I / 6th section  (
Faber&Faber  page 19) ]

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