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Subject: [ILDS] ILDS: Discussion Group--AQ1.  Keller.

Yes, I think this is an intersting idea, all the more so if we think of
Durrell's afscination for alchemy...in which Gold has a very significant
context. It would be intersting to know if iodine (this one I doubt very
much!), phosphorous and magnesium could be read here as an allusion to the
alchemist's experimental material; in which case, the city would be all the
more fragile as is also the fruit of a complex  and learned combination of
chemical which Darley the apprentice may or may not succeed to manipulate
coherently. However, I would'nt say there is no depth in this tentative
creation: the careful handling od synaesthesia tends to prove the contrary.

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isabelle keller

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