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From: Sumantra Nag
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 20:32:56 -0400
Subject: [ILDS] ILDS;  Discussion Group--AQ1.

I must express my appreciation to Isabelle Keller for the detailed
exploration of the comments made by other contributors - including myself!

Thank you.

May I offer for examination, the following observation:

I remember reading somewhere that Durrell wrote off the script of _Justine_
in six weeks. If I am not wrong, he also sent off the script of _Balthazar_
in a hurry (to the publishers - not to Balthazar! - if you will forgive this
facetious comment inspired by the work in question). I have also read about
the influence of Stendhal on Durrell - particularly in relation to "writing

Do the complex interpretations of colours (gold, phosphorous, magnesium
paper) offered by you, have any relation to the speed with which the text
was apparently despatched (if I remember correctly, one reason for finishing
_Justine_ quickly was that Durrell was in need of money.

All these biographical contexts need to be confirmed of course.

So much for the time being!

Sumantra Nag

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