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Subject: Photos of Alexandria: another small point

>Isabelle Keller suggests that "magnesium paper" in section 4 is a reference
>to photographic paper. If so, then the line "Gold, phosphorus, magnesium
>paper" may indicate that the narrator is looking at photos of his
>Alexandrian past while "here" on the island (as opposed to "here" in
>Alexandria).  And that would make sense of a very obscure line. The
>narrator is reviewing his past with the help of photography.

I want to add a point to this suggestion. "Here we so often met" follows
the reference to "magnesium paper." The "here" may refer to the photo.  The
narrator is looking at a photo that contains "a little coloured stall."

I'll be away for ten days -- without computer.  So my silence should not be
interpreted as anything but absence. I am going to an island to rebuild
this city in my brain.

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