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>Isabelle Keller suggests that "magnesium paper" in section 4 is a reference
>to photographic paper.

        I am not sure if this is correct (unless Durrell didn't know
better!) as photographic paper (black and white, at least) consists
of silver halide crystals
        magnesium on the other hand is used in flashbulbs, flares and
fireworks, as it burns with a very intense white flame
        perhaps Durrell is simply relating his 'flat' images of the
city to coloured paper: "... the iodine-coloured meidan of Mazarita.
Gold, phosphorous, magnesium paper.'  A city which is a patchwork of
colours: gold, white or red, silver-white (houses, streets, the sky,
the sea) fragile like paper and without depth -- they are, after all,
his first tentative memories which are surfacing.
AJ French

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