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        Just looking at those first 3 or 4 pages, it comes apparant
that the seasons are mentioned frequently:
"inventions of spring"
"lime-laden dust of those summer afternoons" - "summer ... varnished
air" - "autumn ... dry palpitant air" - "in every summer kiss they
can detect the taste of quicklime"  - "the open petal of the mouth
that fell upon mine like an unslaked summer" (cf. "dusted by the
pollen of kisses")
"... winter evenings there is only one clock: the sea"
        It is interesting that summer is mentioned only in
Alexandria, autumn only once, and that spring and winter relate to
the island where he is writing.
        Kisses are another important part, as is lime/quicklime (=
calcium oxide) -- is this something to do with the whitewashing or is
there some other 'local' reason for there being such a presence of
this compound in Alexandrian summers?


p.s. sorry about not signing my last e-mail
p.p.s. I am really glad that there is some active discussion again!

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