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Subject: Justine 1.1 - 1.7: Some comments and questions

(1) In section 7, the nameless narrator notes that he has not yet named the
child (called "it"), but that he will call her "Justine -- who else?"  Why
would he call Melissa's child -- apparently fathered by Nessim (as we later
learn) --  after Melissa's arch-rival?  Is it because the child has
(apparently) been fathered by Justine's husband?  Or is the narrator rather

(2) "We buried the rings Cohen bought for Melissa in the ground under the
hearth-stone, according to the custom of the island" (section 7).  What
"custom" could this be?  Do these islanders always bury the rings of their
ex-lovers' ex-lovers?  Or perhaps children bury their mothers' ex-lovers'
rings?  Anyway, it seems rather kinky.

(3) The narrator writes of "the first great fragmentation" of his maturity
(section 7).  And the first seven sections certainly reflect that
fragmentation.  And, yes, I realize that this is the imitative fallacy. But
does the fragmented style (e.g. the first paragraph of section 3) work well

(4) In section 4, the narrator writes: "Gold, phosphorus, magnesium paper.
Here we so often met."  The "here" may refer to Mazarita."  But the paper?
Tram tickets?

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