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Greetings from James Gifford and Charles Sligh:

As many of you recall, a short time ago we proposed a reading group
to sift through the works of Lawrence Durrell, leisurely covering
passages drawn from the breadth of his works.  To get this started,
we're suggesting a close look at what is probably the starting place
for most of us, even if it is not the starting place for Durrell
himself: the opening passages of _Justine_.

Section and page references for the various editions follow below:

_Justine_, 1.1 - 1.7 (Part 1, Section 1 - Part 1, Section 7)

[Note:  For _The Alexandria Quartet_ each "part" is clearly
designated as such, while each "section" is defined here as
a portion divided by LD's "* * * * *" marking.]

Faber cloth-covered _Justine_, 1957+:  13 - 17
Dutton cloth-covered _Justine_, 1957+:  13 - 17

Faber paper-covered _Justine_, 1961+: 13-17
Dutton paper-covered _Justine_, 1961+: 13-17

Faber one-volume _Alexandria Quartet_, 1962+:  17 - 21
Faber paper-covered _Justine_, 1963+: 11 - 15

Cardinal/Pocket Books paper-covered _Justine_, 1961+:  3 - 8; later
printings, 3 - 7

We invite any responses to these seven brief sections in _Justine_, which
run from Darley's escape with 'the child' to the burying of the rings.

Comments ranging from the flirtatious to the intensely
critical are welcome;  range as widely as you would like,
whether by association, reference, or in response: such
plenitude will present great advantage when the responses
are archived within a hypertext record of our

Please also remember that _topic-specific email titles_
will greatly assist our efforts to archive your

*** N.B.: Quotations from the works of LD which run more
than 100 words will be truncated for the eventual online
archive due to copyright restrictions. ***

Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
University of Virginia
cls9k at virginia.edu

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