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James Gifford gifford at ualberta.ca
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From: James Gifford <gifford at uvic.ca>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 16:32:00 -0800
Subject: Reading Group - Faber vs. Dutton


Charles & I already personally discussed posting references to the various
editions, and being in Canada, we get both editions, though Faber is most
common.  The Dutton/Penguin editions differ significantly from the Faber
edition*s* and went through a different set of proofs too (I have a copy of
the _Balthazar_ Dutton corrected proofs).

As for foreign dissertations, please send me all the information and I'll
compile it in the online bibliography!  Many theses and dissertations are
already listed, though I haven't yet created a separate section devoted to
them.  I still want to make the bibliography searchable at some point soon
for the online uses (not just for me).  For anyone else out there reading,
please send me reference for your work that I haven't recorded yet.


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